Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 - you're grrrrrrrreat!

Living in LA, you see many amazing things and many eccentric things such as the Norwood Young Estate in Hancock Park. This home is no secret to the could it be when it screams 'look at ME' with its 17 statues of David lining the semi-circle driveway and commanding every passer's undivided attention. For me, it's an annual holiday stop. I make it a point to visit this gem of kitschy glamour before the turn of every year, because without fail, they provide the best holiday decoration in the city.

The residents coat their lawn with white batting as snow, string lights from every vertical object, place Santa hats on each David, display a proud Mr. & Mrs. Claus of color and erect a huge sign for the coming year. And to top it all, the ornate, iron entry gate bears the estate's name: Youngwood Court. I wont point out the obvious here, but that really does take the cake! Gah, I love LA!
Mr. Deville, David is ready for his close-up!

If you would like to check out photos from the fabulous White Party chez Norwood Young, you can take a peak at OM Photography. And if you're interested in a more extensive history of this neoclassical home, you can read the LA Weekly's write up.

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