Friday, January 4, 2008

Ode to 2008

Oh dearest 2008,
I know you have a lot in store for me,
Great things galore for me.
I simply cannot wait!

Oh sweetest 2008,
Mounds of money you hold for me
So many people have told me.
All this I really do appreciate.

Oh straightest 2008,
All my vices I have sworn to dissipate.
An angel I shall become,
To the sheer delight of my mum.

Oh lamest 2008,
Raw veggies and dry grains was all I ate.
The scales to tip in my favor
With victory as my only savior.

Oh greatest 2008,
It is not at all too late
My resolution list to flush
And say to heck with this New Year's rush!

Ok, yes, I admit it...I made several New Year's resolutions, a full 2 pages to be exact (this blog being one of them), but I was then reminded of how easily they are forgotten after January. On New Year's day, I attended my first yoga class of the year (another resolution). During one of those really awkward, one-legged-no-handed poses in which you forget all about the breathing, Ally
commended us for sticking to our New Year's resolution while pointing out that we should be striving to be better, do better, eat better, live better, etc. every day of our lives. She noted that the resolutions are easily soon forgotten. Instead, she said each day we should make a resolution to better ourselves in one way or another and try to make the most of that one day. Ahhh, so zen.

It's quite true...why wait for January to give ourselves a new start or to resolve to be a better person...why not start today? Or tomorrow or in 4 weeks if we so fancy! "Ode to 2008" is the result of this yoga class.

(image from gymnastics coaching)

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